Needing some support


I. Am. Struggling.

I started FB 30 at the end of November. I really like it and everything you guys do.

But I haven’t been taking care of myself properly for a long while and was using old foot wear. Now I have calf issues. I am doing my Physio exercises instead of working out. But I have fallen off the wagon big time this week and I feel yucky.

I could easily have kept up with lower impact or upper extremity or something else. But I didn’t do anything. And I’m starting to eat JUNK. A lot.

My accountability partner that I found here is great but we haven’t been consistent.

It seems like you guys are a wonderfully supportive community so I figured I would reach out.

I can get back on track. I know it’s not ‘all or nothing’. Just don’t want to be where I was before.

I want to be healthy. And a good example to my family. ❤️