Program Complete!


Hello dear Blenders! How are you all doing today? I'm just popping in to share the sweet satisfaction of completing FB Fit 2! It's such a good feeling to see all those weeks checked off in green - K&D really know what their doing with their website :D

So I got through 7 weeks smoothly but the last week got a bit mixed up and drawn out over time because of travelling and holidays - and because I saved any strength training until my return home so I can do it with my weights. I still got a lot of daily activity in over the holidays because of all the preparations :P

And I must say, I was particularly proud that when 200m of snowed in driveway had to be shovelled clean of 45cm of snow, I took a shovel and thought to myself: this is it, this is why you workout daily, so you have the strength and endurance to tackle real life challenges! And I have to admit, I even enjoyed it a little after I figured out good form :D definitely a full body workout there!

So after a few real rest days I finally finished off the program and scheduled FBSweat before I could change my mind ;) So to recap, I'm really happy I could enjoy the time with my family and stay active, and that I managed to jump back in without a huge break.

All the best to you Blenders! Enjoy your day today :)