Daily Check-in: Thursday, January 10th


Hello Blenders!

How are you all doing today?

I'm doing alright. We got a random lake effect snow band last night, and added about 6 more inches of snow! It's funny, because if you just drive a few miles down the road, they didn't get any new snow at all! Lake effect snow is so strange sometimes! lol

This picture is of that little creek that Furry Trainers and I discovered awhile back. Back then, you could still actually see the creek. Now, you can only just see a single dark spot of water in the middle there--otherwise it's totally iced over, and snowed in! Kinda cool, so I thought I'd share it with you all today!

What's the weather like in your part of the world, Blenders? Is it nice and warm, cold and snowy, or just overall seasonable?

My weather, is brutally cold (barely above 0 degrees (F), with a negative wind chill-- the "feels like" temp right now is -9 degrees!) and snowy!

No matter what your weather is, are you still getting your #WorkoutCompletes today, Fellow Blenders, or are you resting?

I'm getting my #WorkoutCompleteForK&D with Day 4 of our 5 Day Challenge! Here's the link:


And let me tell you, I've been very much looking forward to this Day in particular. I love this kickboxing workout--it's one of my favorites--and it's the main reason I specifically chose to this 5 Day Challenge lol. Kickboxing is so very much needed for me right now.

I won't go into too much detail, but this government shutdown directly affects my husband and I. He's required to go to work, without receiving pay. It's incredibly stressful, and I'm genuinely worried about my husband. I'm constantly angry about this whole situation, and how the government is playing with people's lives like they are nothing more than a bargaining chip to attain what the ridiculous man in office wants. It makes me irate, and it's hard not to be mad all the time--especially when I see how much it's affecting my husband.

The blatant ignorance coming from the Oval Office is 100% the cause of this, and that makes me even more angry.

And with that, I'll quit complaining. I apologize guys, but it's kinda hard not to want to vent when it's going into, what Day 20?, of federal workers required to do their jobs without pay.

Sorry guys! Didn't mean to turn this into a rant session.

Let's get back on topic here!

Tell me about your workouts today, Fellow Blenders! Are you looking forward to them? Are you taking part in this 5 Day Challenge? Or are you doing a Program? Or are you just free-lancing your workouts?

Are you excited for them? Are you enjoying your workouts?

I love hearing about it! Your guys' enthusiasm and optimism is something I look forward to every day! You really are an amazing group of people and I'm so glad that I get the opportunity to connect with you all each day! (And of course, I'm grateful to K & D for creating this wonderful platform that we can all congregate on!)

And what about some good food happenin today?

It's gonna be eggs here! My chickies are still laying eggs like mad! We haven't gotten less than 10 eggs a day lately (usually we get 15!), so we got eggs! haha

What about you guys? What's on the menu for today?

Well Blenders, I think that's enough from me today. I really appreciate you all listening to my rambling.

I hope you all have a great day, and thanks so much for checking in with me!

Now go out there and kick some butt today!