Committing to a motivational high



I'm not new to fitnessblender, however I've always been around in the shadows, this is my first time actually posting to the FB community.

After falling off the bandwagon multiple times over the last 4-5 years, I find myself in a slightly healthier mental state to begin, yet again, a program with Kelli and Daniel.

I've decided to post here to help myself stay organised and committed, and who knows, maybe my notes will help someone else who has problems dealing with motivational whiplash connected to a wobbly mental state.

Here goes nothing! Today I started FBReach, and the PFT results are in!

1 mile walk: 14 min

Half half push ups (couldn't manage a full extension even on a half push up): 8

Squats: 34 (woohoo go booty work!)

Plank: 32seconds

Sit and reach: 0cm

Here's to 4 weeks of working towards a healthier body and mind!


Attached is a picture of my wonderful workout partner xoxo