Daily Check-in: Wednesday, January 9th


Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening, Blenders!

I thought I would grace you all with the majesty that is Furry Trainer #2 today.

I mean, look at this magnificent beast.

So flawless in her form. 😆

Anyway, how are you all doing today? We're halfway through the work week already! Whoo hoo!

Are you guys feeling good today? A bit sore from previous workouts?

I am feeling yesterday's upper body workout a bit today (Day 2 of our Challenge), which is awesome! If I remember correctly, I had previously thought I didn't care for that particular workout, but after doing it yesterday, I can't imagine why? I really enjoyed it! The short bouts of cardio mixed with upper body strength (and burnout rounds of pushups and supine pushups at the end), was great!

So that means for today, we're onto Day 3 of the Challenge! A nice HIIT and core combo! Here's the link to today's workout if you are joining in on our Challenge:


So that's my #WorkoutCompleteForK&D for today!

If you're wondering what this Challenge is about, it's the FB Burn Fat & Build Lean Muscle 5 Day Challenge! There's a few of us Blenders who are doing this Challenge together if you would like to join in!

And you'll find the link to the rest of the videos for the week in the description below the video on Day 3. Feel free to jump in and join us, and we'll all work up a sweat together! And remember to take these workouts at your own pace, modify if you need to, and take more rest breaks if you need to--this is meant to a be fun challenge, so make sure to workout safely! I'm really looking forward to earning my #workoutcomplete with my Fellow Blenders!

And once we finish Day 5's workout on or around Friday, feel free to post about it! You can share a picture of an arm flex, thumbs up, or even your "Workout Complete" screen if you'd like! You can title your post #5DayChallengeComplete, and we'll all celebrate together! So join in, if you'd like to!

Thank you so much for everyone who is doing this Challenge with me! I've enjoyed it so far, and you guys are totally kicking butt on these workouts!

Ok, and if you aren't doing the Challenge, what do your workouts look like for today? Are you working out, or are you resting?

And what about some good food for today?

I'm thinking leftovers! We've got venison chili that need to be eaten! I'm already hungry for it! (Like, what else is new, right? haha)

What about you Blenders? What's on the menu for today?

Well Blenders, I hope you all have a lovely day, and thanks so much for checking in with me! Take care, be safe, and enjoy your #workoutcompletes today!