180 squat jumps?!?! Oops...forgot the word ‘degree’ 🤣


Perfect morning for Roamblender: crisp and cold but not too cold. We did a lot of arm work, feet high up on wall with slow mountain climbers, sitting on a wall full body lifts, pushups on steps.... so we were definitely ready for some legwork! But my instruction caused alarm:

“Next we are doing 180 squat jumps”....

WHAT?!?!? 180.....

Oops.... tiny mistake! Somehow the word “degree” was missed out.

However, even after that there was confusion AND discussion. I showed:

Squat jump, jump 180 degrees(i.e. jump and turn around), squat jump.

But one of my friends decided to go:

180 degree squat jump (turn around 180 degrees while doing a squat jump)!

One of us had no idea what was happening so my husband tried to explain it to her, but his version was different again!!!! We decided it was too taxing on the brain at that time in the morning! Maybe we should get K and D to join us to show the proper way of doing it.

Anyway, heavy on the arms, heavy on the legs, heavy on the brain, but so much fun again!!!

Now relaxing in my favourite spot in the bay window with a coffee and another amazing sunrise 🌅, as the photo shows!