Help with yo-yo dieting?


Hello! So I have completed day 17 of fb fit and am loving it so far. I am 5'5" and 115 pounds and have probably 5 pounds of lower belly flab I am trying to lose. I have been consistently sticking to my workouts and have been doing great with them, but nutrition is another story. I try to eat healthy, and do a pretty great job of it at home, but whenever I go to a social event I 100% lose myself and binge out. I feel like I'm "missing out" on all the good food if I don't. For instance, this past weekend I went on a trip and the food they offered there was about 15 different packaged cookies and desserts, chips and greasy pizza. That was breakfast, lunch and supper. To top it off, we went to a buffet that evening. I probably ate 15 desserts in that 1.5 day time period. Any advice or success stories overcoming eating addictions would be great. Thanks!