Aching all over, but what a great day again!


I realised yesterday that doing a fairly strenuous upper body workout the day before a conservation work day was not a good idea....

Indeed very true! Luckily we were not sawing, lopping and chopping, but raking and raking and raking! In the morning we cleared leaves away from paths where visitors will soon be walking again. The leaves had to be gathered up and put into huge container bags and then emptied into a trailer. Three or four people were needed to hoist each bag onto the trailer, so that the person standing in the trailer could empty it. My, was I proud when I managed to empty several of those bags in the trailer with no help from anyone else! No doubt it was the task leader’s shouting: “come on, strong lady, you can do this!” that made me sooooo determined!!!🤣🤣🤣

After lunch it was gathering up cut gorse and chucking it in the trailer. Lots of bending and picking up, but nothing so very heavy anymore.

My body aches all over, but it was a super day again: being active in the outdoors with a great bunch of like minded people!