Food choices confusion!

Hello everyone i want your opinion about some food choices if you guys could help me.

1:MilkTea with working out specially with workout plans!

firstly is it healthy or not ,how many cups in a day whether a little bit milk cream in it I always prefer drinking skimmed milk in

morning with no cream in it but when it comes to tea sometimes i wants it with milk cream in it after that i thinks that "what i am doing" that wheather its healthy or not.

2: "Rice" what about white rice again is it alright with workout or how often can we eat in a weak.

3: "Rusks" are rusks conider as a healthy food choice .

4: last but not the least what about some Breakfast options that what shoul eat in a breakfast berfore a workout because everyday i have so many tasks to do before a workout and i usually do workout before lunch so what is your suggestions !

lately i have discussed these things with my sister but we always ends up with a different outcome. so it would be great if you guys could suggest some options.