Need some advice to up the protein


Hi everyone!

After 3 weeks of calories and macro counting, I realized that my natural intuitive intake is within the range I wanted (1400-1500cal). But my protein intake is pretty low, I barely get 50-60gm which is not even my body weight (62.5kg). I want to up it as a trial to understand why my scale and measurements are not changing.

According the TDEE calculator suggested by fellow blender ALR, I should aim for 90-100gm. My problem to get that protein has two main issues-

1. I came from a very carb based South Asian genetics background. Even though whatever carb I eat is just complex carbohydrates, veggies and fruits, I need to have good enough carb to feel happy and full. With that volume of carb (50-70gm of dry grains/beans per meal+veggies), I really don't feel like hungry enough to add extra protein.

2. I am a newbie trying the transition to a pescetarian lifestyle. My meat intake is currently limited to 1-2 days/week. Being new to the world of vegetarian protein, sometimes I don't find enough pure protein options to fill in.

Currently I am regularly eating beans chickpeas etc, but they come with significant amount of carbs and that fails my purpose. Some advice about not so expensive vegetarian "pure protein" options, or any other suggestions will be very much appreciated. I am already planning to eat eggs everyday. Also will try canned fish every other day.


P.S. My fat intake is 20-30% (varies a lot day to day) of total calories, mostly coming from avocado, full cream milk, olive oil, occasional cheese and nuts.