Giving in to chocolate cravings without feeling guilty!


The other day I mentioned enjoying my CHOCOLATE hummus sandwich (well... slice of bread with chocolate hummus on it). Lisa O was quite keen to get the recipe. Below is the link. I love spreading it on toast or a slice of bread at lunch. It usually satisfies my cravings for chocolate or something else sweet. And I don’t feel guilty indulging in a thick layer of it, after all lots of protein in it, right?🤣🤣

You might not need quite as much cocoa powder....

Another way to indulge in my cravings for something sweet or chocolatey is by eating chocolate bark.

My recipe: melt a bar of 85% dark chocolate, spread on a piece of baking paper, sprinkle with nuts, dried berries, dessicated coconut or whatever takes your fancy, put in fridge to harden, then break into pieces. Only one problem with it..... one piece of it is never enough, I always end up eating more 😊😊😊

Healthy treats!!!