Kale, rice&dal - my Indo-Western fusion


Ok enough of NY celebration with stuffed grilled chicken and Korean bulgogi! It's time to eat something reasonable.

Kale is a word I heard few years ago for the first time, as it doesn't exist in South Asian cuisine (or at least I never saw in my area). I wanted to incorporate this superfood in my diet but I can't digest raw kale. So I sautéed them for 10 min with salt, chili flakes, garlic and ginger. Then I gave it a Indo twist accompanying with dal (lentils) and brown rice. The dal was a combination of different colored split lentils cooked with onions, garlic, turmeric, half tomato and then garnished with my garden's fresh coriander.

In Bangladesh we have at least 30 different kinds (I am not exaggerating!) of leafy vegetables that we eat this way sautéed along with rice and dal. This Indo-Western fusion of kale-rice&dal with a squeeze of fresh lime tasted really good! I ate a hopping 60gm rice with 40gm dal (raw measured) and unlimited amount of kale. I can't eat less amount when it comes to "dal-vat" (our way of saying rice&dal) Lol! And guess how did I eat them?! Using bare hands! Yes that's how we eat rice traditionally, no fork and knife! ;)

Healthy eating can be simple and diverse. You don't have to just chew salad and chicken breasts (not that they are bad things at all!) #EatRealFood