Let’s chat about this garlic bread tuna sandwich...

In an effort to cram as much nutrition into one meal as possible, I tend to get creative. Today, I did a garlic bread tuna sandwich and it was AMAZING! And so easy. Have you ever had a meal idea and googled to see if there was already a recipe for it? I do this all the time and usually the recipe is a lot more involved than I care for. So, today winged it and, if you’re interested, here’s the “recipe”:

1.Melted (real) butter in the pan (didn’t measure)

2.Added some minced garlic from a jar (bought at the market)

3.Added some oregano

4.Mixed around and left until garlic was golden

5.Lightly buttered a ciabatta roll on both sides and laid face down in pan

6.Left until toasted and DONE!

For the tuna:

Tuna, Greek yog. instead of mayo, salt and pepper, one scrambled egg, dill relish, roasted garlic hummus, hemp seeds.

I melted a slice of vegan cheese on the toasted bread and GRUBBED!

Dessert was a cookies and cream cookie dough protein bar and some coffee with all natural (barely sweet lol) creamer and almond milk.

The sandwich was incredibly delicious and packed with protein! If you try it, let me know how you like it.