My December! Almost Perfect! πŸ’ͺ


Hello, FBFamily!

How was or is your December?

Mine was pretty perfect ☺️

Even when I got a procedure on my arm, the doctor said I could do low impact after a few days, and I did. When he removed the stitches, I started again with a 5 days challenge. I even do a 1000 calorie workout on Christmas!

I am proud of myself because I kept showing up. I feel stroger than last year, I feel healthier than las year and I feel happier!

Can't wait for 2019!

Thanks Kelli and Daniel for all you do for this community! Thanks because I feel all these ways thanks to Fitness Blender that taught me to be kind yo myself, to respect my body, to don't be afraid of food (still working on that one), to do what I can and don't be ashamed about it!

Thanks FBCommunity for being here to respond with kind words and advice, for helping each other in our, kind of together, jorney!

Hope you are having a great December! And let's welcome 2019 with many better things!