Keep showing up for yourself


I'm currently going through a phase where I am super amped for workouts but as soon as the smallest hurdle is placed in front of me, my enthusiasm dwindles and there goes the workout.

Today was one of these days.

After working all day, visiting family, giving up on the short workout that I had scheduled then vegetating in bed while eating takeout, I conceded disgust in my behavior, forcing myself to get up, get dressed and do a 30min routine.

Just as I was about to start, I realised that if I started the 5 day challenge today instead of tomorrow, I would be able to finish the entire program before going back to work on Wednesday (thus one less excuse for not completing). Day 1 Strong and Lean challenge is one of my fave routines so no-brainer, right? Of course my inner sloth objected vehemently to this because who has the energy for a 1 hour workout at 8pm on a Friday night?

Me: thats who!... And as always, I feel like I can conquer the world post-workout.

Excuses will always be easier to come by than a WORKOUT COMPLETE but they are nowhere near as gratifying.

I keep reminding myself:

Show up for yourself, not just for everyone else. Be your own hero and get that workout complete.