My before, after and during

Dear Kelli and Daniel!

First I would like to thank you for all the work you put in your videos and programs. It is a joy working out along side you two (well, at least when you are not making me jump like a madman)! 🙂

I wanted to share my story with you and FB community. Growing up, I was always involved with sports - I used to dance classical ballet (for 13 years!), then some yoga, pilates, lifting, running, hiking, and in the end even pole dancing...i was active a lot! Then I got pregnant with my first child, and becouse of some issues I wasn't allowed to workout - safety of my child was of course a priority. And then my body changed...a lot. I felt fat and ugly and was really looking forward to giving birth, so I could resume with my normal active lifestyle (and loose the extra weight).

Oh, how naive was I! ☺️

I gave birth to a healthy little boy in september. 💜 After 6 weeks and with doctors approval, I started working out again - with your programs! Then came the first shock - I wasn't able to keep up with you! I was so out of shape it was scarry. I lifted the lightest of weights or none at all and had regular extra breaks just to catch my breath again. And the second shock - most of the times, I wasn't able to finish a workout in one go, since the baby woke up and needed to be breastfed - I needed 90 minutes to finish a 30 minute routine!

My postpartum "getting fit again plan" was failing at all fronts, after 1 month of excercise I wasn't loosing any weight and didn't feel any stronger. Then I realized something - I GAVE BIRTH! I am responsible for the life of my wonderful son and it is such a privilege to have a body that was able to achieve that! And to have a body that is continuing to feed this beautiful child! I truly am blessed.

Now I am still bigger that I was, but I am OK with that. I workout regularly, as much as my body and son allow me (hehe) and I feel great. The change is coming slowly, but surely. 🙂

I love my body and I feel it loves me back!

Have a nice day everybody!

Kisses from Slovenia, Europe *