Daily Check-in: Wednesday, December 26th


Well, happy Post Christmas day, FB Family! Or maybe another word you may have heard to describe the day after Christmas; Boxing day! I've heard it's a thing more so in other countries than the US, but in any way, happy day to you at whatever time zone your eye catches this.

How was your Christmas? What did you get that you like or possibly will return?^^

And do you have any scheduled workouts that you are or aren't looking forward to? ..If you are having trouble with motivation, it helps to try and think of what Kelli says; about how much better you will feel afterwards! ..I will be getting my #WorkoutCompleteForK&D with a nice and short cardio & abs session:


^ Haven't done that one before so I'm a little excited to try it and maybe I might tack on a short HIIT or kickboxing session.

And we'll never let a Check-in go by without talking about FOOD! From Breakfast to Dinner and everything in between; What's sizzlin' in the kitchen, Blenders?

...Okay, so I've Ravenized these Check-ins for the past five or so days and have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to help Kim out and manage to still give everyone a platform to share and talk about things! Plus as an added bonus, I got to share a slice of my life with the community. With my FB Family. :) ..Thank you again to everyone who spent the time to read and comment and make me feel like I did a good job! You all are so supportive and cool!

So on that note, I share one last picture with you as the substitute Check-in host. That bright spot in the sky you see up there is not the sun, but infact, a sundog.

....Did I loose you?

To quickly explain, a sundog, aka more scientificly known as a parhelion, is an atmospheric phenomenon that appears as a fuzzy rainbow or bright spot that can occur approximately 22 degres on either side of the sun, usually around late afternoon this time of year. Maybe you've seen one! It's pretty neat, right? Eh, sorry to geek out on all things astronomical and make you read that, but in relation to the Check-in, I'm kinda like the sundog; Not so much in the way of brilliance--that's debatable, lol, but more like it's duration. Sundogs, like rainbows, come and go. You can totally miss one if you don't look up! ..So I hope you've enjoyed these Sundogs of a Check-in. And if not, no worries! Kim will return tomorrow to rekimdle that checkim flame she carries so masterfully! So until then, whatever adventures your day holds, I hope you super duper blenders have a super duper day!

This Check-in takeover is Complete! ;)