New 'Workout Search Filter' Feedback - Possible update ?

The New Website has lots of content and a fresh look, which is nice! Thank you !!

With the new changes, a few helpful features seemed to have slipped away from the new 'Workout Search Filter' format and I thought it would be a good idea to provide feedback on this..incase there is a possibility to recover these features...

1. The sliders for Duration and Calorie Burn are not easy to work with, as they are set up as wide range increments. We can no longer punch in numbers to dial in our desired Duration/Calorie burn for a quick workout seach.

2. The Keyword search is now restricted to searching within workout titles only. In the old website, a search would be made to the entire workout descriptions. For instance, if I wanted to have single leg deadlifts in my workout, I would have entered the keyword 'Single Leg' and all workouts containing these words would appear.

Thank you for reading this and I appreciate all the hard work!

All the best, Longtime FB member