Workout Complete: Fitness Blender's New Clothing Line has Launched!

Workout Complete: Fitness Blender's New Clothing Line has Launched!

For nearly a decade now, the words "Workout Complete" have held great meaning to us and millions of other people around the world. It's the feeling of calm accomplishment that you get when you challenge yourself physically after finishing a workout. It's about feeling good, moving smart, and showing up for yourself in a way that improves your health. For many of us, these two words can even be enough to motivate starting into the actual workout in the first place.

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Workout Complete
Workout Complete is Fitness Blender’s new apparel line. Our very own clothing line. We spent four years searching for the perfect fabric, fit, functionality, and feel. We went through hundreds of samples and years of back and forth until we were satisfied with the final product. These pieces have been put to the test, and fittingly, have already seen many Workout Completes.

Like our workouts, we wanted the clothing to be as inclusive as possible. We are excited to be able to offer sizes X-Small to XXL. This was important to us.

All of the materials are made in the US, as is the manufacturing of the entire apparel line. The Fitness Blender Community is worldwide and we are very proud of that. Because this is our very first release of this line, there are a handful of countries that we cannot ship to at this point. Only about half of our audience is in the US, so ultimately our goal will be to become more and more accessible as we grow and build Workout Complete.

Just like with Fitness Blender, a lot of heart has gone into this. Also similar to Fitness Blender is the focus on quality and functionality and the desire to constantly improve our product and what we're able to offer. 

We're grateful for every one of you who have patiently waited years for the reveal of Workout Complete, and who are as excited about this new adventure as we are.

Kelli and Daniel