We wanted to quit + Website Update

We're excited to tell you guys that in the very near future, we are finally launching a brand new Fitnessblender.com.

You might remember us going through this about a year ago as well - around August 2016 - with no new site ever showing up. We feel as though we owe you guys an explanation; we promised something that we were not able to follow through on (until now), which is not something that we're comfortable with.

Here's the truth about what happened; we spent an enormous amount of money and roughly 18 months of intense work on what would have been the new site. The web development company we worked with accepted our money, put us through the paces of building the site for 18 months and then after a failed launch, promptly closed their doors without any working product, refund, or resolution whatsoever. 

The site was not built the way that we were led to believe it was and we found out only after all of the work and having paid for it that it would not ever (ever) be a functioning site. It was a huge hit for our small team. We try to offer as much as we can for as free or cheap as we can, and 18 months is an eternity when it comes to business - especially tech based business. It stung.

It's important to keep things in perspective. We are very aware of how fortunate we are - we have each other, our loved ones, a roof over our heads, food on the table, etc. But it would be a lie if we said that our business, motivation and health didn't suffer from the stress of this. It was easy to only see the negative in everything. We started to have conversations about whether or not it was healthy for us to continue. Intermittently, we wanted very badly to quit, to walk away, but that felt like letting them win. We had to push forward.

The good news is that the minute we got the bad news last year, we started from scratch in re-rebuilding the site. We researched and built a team around ourselves that we trust, and we jumped right back in; we didn't want to let people with bad intentions ruin a good thing that we worked so hard to build. For the last year, we have been quietly working behind the scenes on a project that we had thought we already finished, but now we're are finally almost to the point where we can share it with you guys.

We didn't want to whine but we also felt the need to explain what would likely look from the outside as a lack of follow through or delivery on our part. We also wanted to show our behind the scenes struggle as an example of good things taking time, effort, and sometimes failure. Sometimes you really do have to try, try and TRY again before things work out. So, here's to brushing yourself off and pushing forward!

Just a few details about the upcoming updates to the website; all of the features you currently have will still be available, and everything that is free now STAYS free. You will not lose your workout programs or your favorited workouts. We are finally going to have more calendar functionality (rescheduling missed workouts and programs!). We're also going to - for the first time in FB history - have a community forum; a place for the vibrant FB Family to commiserate, share knowledge, and cheer each other on. 

We are surprisingly optimistic about this next go round and very anxious to share it with you guys. Thank you for being so patient and supportive and for unknowingly motivating us through this bumpy last couple of years. We're very excited to finally share the end result of our efforts with you!