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30 Day Challenge Week 2: Check in With Your Coaches

Vlog: So Much Good News! November 2022 Update From Kelli, Daniel, and Team

We have lots of new and fun discounts and content coming your way! In this Vlog, Kelli and Daniel share the most exciting things happening now and in the next couple months. Stick around for some special appearances from our creators, too. And bloopers, of course.

The highlights: 

  • FB Plus Subscriptions and Passes are currently 25% off for new users, now through a limited time! Check out our sale post for all the details. 
  • We have a new FREE 5-Day Challenge coming in January! The theme for this Challenge is Strong, because...
  • A brand-new 4-Week FB Strong Round 3 Program is also launching in January! It'll be included with an FB Plus Subscription or active access Pass, so make sure to jump on our sale while you have the chance! 

We are currently in planning-mode for 2023, so in the spirit of this Vlog, tell us: What is YOUR favorite Fitness Blender workout? What would you like to see more of in 2023?

However you choose to work out with us, thank you! We're so grateful you're here. 

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