Sale on Workout Programs, Meal Plans, FB Plus & Workout Complete Clothing

Sale on Workout Programs, Meal Plans, FB Plus & Workout Complete Clothing

Hello FB Family!

We're having a big sale right now! Move quick and save big on Workout Programs, Meal Plans, FB Plus, and Workout Complete clothing. Here's the breakdown & where to find each:

About each:

Fitness Blender Workout Programs: These professionally curated workout programs use a different full length workout video every single day, to challenge your body in the smartest, most efficient way in order to make you feel and look great. Our online workout programs cater to a large range of fitness levels and goals and can be reused over and over again at no extra charge.

Fitness Blender Meal Plans: Built with registered nutritionists, our healthy, plant based meal plan details 3 meals, and 3 snacks, every day for four weeks. There is a corresponding grocery list for each week, and 5 different calorie allotments to choose from so that you can customize these plans to meet your exact goals.

FB Plus: FB Plus adds brand new features, functionality, and tools to to help you get the most out of your workouts. So far, FB Plus offers an entirely ads free experience, the "surprise me" button, and statistics on all of your FB workouts & calendars. In less than two weeks, FB Plus members are going to gain the ability to schedule and track independent workouts on their FB calendars & workout stats. Features will continue to roll out for the foreseeable future. In 2020, FB Plus will also begin to offer unique workout videos, content, and challenges.

Workout Complete Clothing: Thoroughly tried and tested. Heads up: this is the last run of these prints & styles, so move fast if you want them! Made in the USA.

We hope you guys have a nice relaxing weekend ahead of you!

Kelli & Daniel