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Our Own Before & After

Our Own Before & After

My own before & after picture! This is from training the way I have laid out for you in our new Booty Boot Camp - 4 Week Butt & Thigh Program

I also used to be 35-40 lbs heavier - I'm hoping to find enough time to put together my own "before and after" story to share with you guys soon, since so many of you have been brave enough to share your stories with me. I was caught in the dieting cycle from a very young age. The dieting mindset did a lot of damage in more ways than one - plus all the restriction and hours and hours of overkill cardio workouts almost every day of the week only made me gain weight and probably burn off muscle that I could have instead been building in order to boost my health, metabolism & self esteem, and improve the shape of my body. Long story short, just like I so often hear from our audience; the kinds of workouts you can find on, as well as the mindset towards eating healthy, real food in abundance, is what ended up saving my wellbeing and body. 

Please note: This post is NOT to imply that one body shape is better than the other. I am healthy in both of these pictures, which is all that really matters (though I'm stronger, quicker, more flexible, & with a faster metabolism in the second pic as well, also thanks to FB workouts). It's just an awesome example of the way that our own workouts are changing our bodies as well! We realize the angles in these two pictures are slightly different but still thought it got the point across well enough.