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4 Week FBAdventure Program - New FB Plan Launching 6/21

4 Week FBAdventure Program - New FB Plan Launching 6/21

The brand new program, 4 Week #FBAdventure Program - unlike any we've ever offered before - goes live on Sunday, 6/21 (find all FB programs under the "Workouts" tab under "Workout Programs")

We've been working on something special behind the scenes for you guys; we're launching a brand new 4 Week #FBAdventure Program - this is perfect for summer because it gets/keeps you super fit but still allows you the time to go play outside, enjoy yourself, & explore. Because the FB family is worldwide, this will be an awesome way to see each other's part of the world. 

This program has 4 planned workout days each week using Fitness Blender videos, as well as one independent “Adventure” workout. The strategically scheduled FB workouts have everything you need to get a fit, healthy body; lean muscle building strength training for the entire body, fat burning HIIT/cardio, stretching for flexibility, and more. The 5th session of the week is a #FBAdventure workout and what you do is completely up to you; it should be something that you enjoy and that has you moving - preferably outdoors, but the details are up to you. You'll never have a chance to get bored with this program as you'll literally be doing a unique workout every day.

What counts as a #FBAdventure workout?
Basically anything that meets these criteria:

  • You’re moving
  • You’re enjoying yourself
  • Optional/prefered: You are outdoors, or at least outside of your regular workout space

Use #FBAdventure on social media to log FB workouts as well as the workouts that you do for your “Adventure” day. It’s a great way to share your progress, motivate others, find inspiration, and show people your corner of the world, as you hike, walk, bike, run, compete, climb, and generally play your way fit. Make sure to take "before and after" photos so that you can see the difference in 4 weeks!

If you're in, leave a comment below telling us where you're from and where you'll be representing #FBAdventure