New FB Plus Features Live! Add Independent Workouts & Workout Videos to FB Calendar

New FB Plus Features Live! Add Independent Workouts & Workout Videos to FB Calendar

A few weeks ago we launched analytics for all of the activity you track on your Fitness Blender workout calendar, including the difficulty of your workouts, time spent in each training type, and how much time you're spending working each muscle group. Now, with this new feature, FB Plus users can now add custom workouts or independent workout videos to their online workout calendars, which will then be reflected in those same workout statistics. So whether it's a walk, swim, basketball game, snowboarding - you name it, you'll be able to add it. It also works for other trainers videos you enjoy; you'll be able to add their workout videos to your FB workout calendar and once you complete those workouts, you'll see that information reflected in your stats as well.

Learn more about FB Plus here

The best part? FB Plus is still a baby! We're just getting started - and in early 2020 we'll start the release of exclusive content. So far FB Plus offers an entirely ads free experience, our "Surprise Me" feature for choosing a workout, and full workouts statistics that offer a breakdown of how often you're working each muscle group, a snapshot of the difficulty of your workouts and what kinds of training types you're using when you're working out. This newest feature of being able to add any kind of independent workout to your calendar and statistics is just the latest of a long line of new features coming to FB Plus in 2020. 

Also, last week we just filmed our very first ever exclusive FB Plus workout. It's a lower body HIIT and strength routine, and it's so much fun. We recorded it together so that people will have the option of high impact/advanced and low impact/beginner or intermediate, in one workout video. That new video will be available only on FB Plus in (very) early 2020. We also launched a free, 50 minute really-fun-but-brutal lower body workout yesterday, be sure to check it out!

If you're curious, now is a great time to check it out; FB Plus is being offered at a discount now through January 31 2020.

2020 is going to be a fun year!

Kelli & Daniel