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Introducing Fitness Blender Questions

     We get so many questions from our viewers that it has become very hard (impossible) for us to keep up. If we were to try and keep answering everyone’s individual questions, we would have no time in the day to sleep or eat, let alone keep making our very time consuming free workout videos.

     We do want to continue to help everyone out with all of their fitness questions as much as we possibly can, so we have decided to start answering your most common questions through video vlogs. This way, everyone can benefit from the information instead of just the one person who asked the question, allowing us to fulfill our goal of helping as many people as possible with just our two person team.

     Our viewers are the individuals who shape Fitness Blender – your voice is most important, so we want to hear from you. Leave your Fitness Question on Fitness Blender’s Facebook page, YouTube page, or below, and you might find it in our next video.

     Each will have an adjoining write-up on our website that answers your question in more detail.


Have a question you want answered in a video? Fire away.

Thank you to everyone for all of the support; the people who use Fitness Blender are the people who power Fitness Blender.

-Daniel & Kelli