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Fitness Blender Merch is here! Tees, tanks, hoodies, Workout Complete posters & more

Fitness Blender Merch is here! Tees, tanks, hoodies, Workout Complete posters & more

Hello FB Family,

We're excited to let you know that we've got our Fitness Blender Store up and running!

This time around we're offering Fitness Blender and Workout Complete hoodies, tees, a few different styles of tank tops, and posters. This campaign will run longer than the others, but like the rest, will not be around forever, so get them while you can! I am excited to get my favorite designs in different colors this time, and I'm also looking forward to hanging a Workout Complete poster in my workout space (there's also a vertical poster).

If you like what we're doing and want to support our work, shopping our Workout Programs and Fitness Blender Merch is a really great way to help us keep doing what we're doing. By the way, if you've randomly landed on this page (welcome), you should check out all of the free stuff we offer: 500 free workout videos for every fitness level and goal, delicious whole food recipes, fitness and healthy living advice, a customizable online workout calendar (all you need is a free account), and an amazing community of people from around the world who are here to work hard, share tips and experiences, and cheer one another on. More About Fitness Blender

Mostly related side note: My good friend sent me a text message yesterday telling me how she was out for a jog in her Fitness Blender hoodie when she reached an intersection where another jogger across the street was smiling and waving excitedly. My friend was really confused at first but when the crosswalk turned green for pedestrians, they passed one another and the woman shot up her hand asking for a high five while yelling "Yay Fitness Blender!". We've also heard about really random encounters, like when someone was out on a lengthy hike and ran into another person who was also wearing their FB gear, at the top of the summit. It's really fun to hear these stories. I'm curious about where in the world our Fitness Blender clothing will show up this time! 

Thanks to all of you for being a part of the FB Family, 

Kelli & Daniel