Fitness Blender gives back: 7k to charity

Fitness Blender gives back: 7k to charity

Hello FB Family, you beautiful people! We wanted to pop in and give you some good news - if you've ever seen a Workout Complete screen, you are a part of this. Every year we give back to charity, to try and help good organizations that are doing good work. 

Here's where we've donated so far this year:

  • $1000 to Charity: Water for clean & safe drinking water to people in developing nations
  • $1000 to Action Against Hunger for developing water resources, teaching improved farming techniques, and preventing disease through sanitation programs around the world
  • $1000 to InterAction to eliminate extreme poverty and vulnerability, strengthen human rights, & safeguard a sustainable planet
  • $1000 to YouthCare for at-risk/homeless youth in Seattle, to help them navigate housing, employment, shelter and education
  • $1000 to a local non profit 4-8th grade girls basketball club that is based on engagement/involvement, and not tryouts with cuts based on athletic performance (girls sports are consistently & grossly underfunded in our area - this is a trend in many communities; support your local girls youth sports, if you can!)
  • $1000 to Heifer International to strengthen communities by "teaching people how to use environmentally-friendly farming methods, create and operate businesses, and support their communities with their knowledge"
  • $1000 to a local Boys & Girls Club of America, to "enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens"

We are so proud of this community & hope that you take a minute to realize that because of you we were able to give back to local, national & global communities for good causes. 
Thank you to everyone who chooses to trust us with their workouts. We are very grateful for what we get to do together. 


Kelli & Daniel