Filming new workouts! BTS check in

Filming new workouts! BTS check in

Today, I'm in front of the camera & behind the camera (sometimes we have the help of a film team).

When I'm done huffing & puffing my way through the workout I've designed, I'll edit it, and then write an accompanying article detailing the science behind why it's beneficial & effective.

I will have worked on this video from the very beginning, to the very final product. Daniel does the same with his workout videos.

I'm not trying to brag so much as tell you that each one of these workouts is a passion project, and a lot of work & heart goes into them. A lot. But I love it. And when I get nervous to step in front of the camera (even though it's probably like the 500th time) I hear your comments and your words floating through my head, and I pretend like I'm talking to you guys. It gets rid of the jitters every time.

I just wanted to say, thank you for working out with me & for making it possible to do something I love. Kelli