FB Plus "Early Access" Pricing is Back (Using Discounted eGift Card)!

FB Plus "Early Access" Pricing is Back (Using Discounted eGift Card)!

The eGift Card discount has ended. Be on the lookout for future discounts and special deals.

Fitness Blender family!

Well, 2020 was challenging (to say the least), but we made it. We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. We’re definitely hopeful that 2021 has some great things in store for us all. 

For us here at Fitness Blender, we have some amazing things planned, including: 

Using our brand new eGift Cards, which you can purchase for yourself or for someone else in the Fitness Blender Store, we’re doubling the “Early Access” discount we offered last year as FB Plus launched, meaning you can get a full year of FB Plus access for only $60 (instead of $79.99). That’s $5 per month, or $1.15 per week, or $0.16 per day!

We’re really proud of where FB Plus has come over the past year (and the Fitness Blender family’s role in its development!), as we’ve been able to add more and more exclusive content and programming, and a full set of amazing functionality that helps make working out and tracking your progress even easier. If you’re still on the fence about whether FB Plus is right for you or not, we’d encourage you to take advantage of the free 7-day trial and see what it’s all about.

The current list of FB Plus content and features includes:

  • Ads-Free Website and Videos
  • "Surprise Me" Workout Selection Tool
  • Statistics for Your Activities
  • Enter and Track Custom Workouts
  • Trackers to See Your Progress
  • Exclusive Workouts
  • Exclusive Workout Challenges (including new, full Program available Jan. 3!)
  • See Workout History and Take Notes on Individual Workouts
  • Additional Video Filters for More Refinement
  • Tagging to Help Organize Videos
  • Create, Save, and Repeat Personal Routines
  • NEW Ability to Mark Rest Day Complete
  • NEW One-Click Access to Find Similar Workouts

The Fitness Blender Team has been working hard, listening carefully to all of our amazing Fitness Blender family, and we’re all very excited for what 2021 has in store. One of the things we’re most proud of is our new 4 Week Program, which will be released on January 3! This program is unique; each day you’ll have an option between an advanced workout, or a beginner/intermediate workout. It’s essentially two programs in one and it will allow you to pick your own pace, training style, and level of difficulty each day as you make your way through the program. For those of you who enjoy having your workouts carefully curated and planned, you might want to consider purchasing the program, which is yours to keep and can be repeated as many times as you’d like.

***In other big news about this upcoming program, if you have an active FB Plus account, the new program is included in your membership at no additional cost, which means that there will now be a total of 14 weeks of unique programming that comes with FB Plus. 

While we’ve spent a lot of time creating and growing FB Plus (and are far from done), we also want to remind everyone that everything that's free at Fitnessblender.com is staying free, and we will continue to add new features and content for free users too (have you seen the “2021 surprise yet?). As a reminder (and huge thank you!) to those of you who support Fitness Blender through the purchase of Workout Programs, Meal Plans, and FB Plus, you are helping us keep the vast majority of our content free for millions of users around the world. Without you, we would not be able to do this—600 free videos, a growing library of healthy recipes and informative articles, an amazing, customizable calendar

The current list of free content and features includes:

  • ~600 Professionally-Built Workout Videos
  • Wide Selection of Healthy Living Articles, many written by Physical Therapists and Registered Dietitians
  • Healthy and Convenient Recipes
  • Positive and Encouraging Community
  • Interactive Workout Calendar
  • Vlogs, Behind-the-Scenes Updates, Weekly Giveaways
  • Search and Filter Videos to Find Exactly What You Need
  • Save Your Favorite Videos

So, whatever your fitness plans are for 2021, we hope that Fitness Blender will be part of them and that you will continue to help us spread the word (remember, we don’t advertise or do any paid marketing at all). Sincere thanks to each of you who have ever earned a Workout Complete with us, tackled a workout program, or shared FitnessBlender.com with one of your family and friends. Fitness Blender would never be possible without this amazing Community—the Fitness Blender family!

Thank you,

Kelli and Daniel Segars—and the entire Fitness Blender Team


We’ve had some great questions about how to use the eGift Cards to purchase FB Plus subscriptions (new subscriptions and existing subscriptions). Here are some helpful FAQs, with images, that may help.

The first step is to purchase the $79.99 eGift Card (that is currently discounted to $60). You will then receive a Gift Code, which you redeem to your FB Wallet. Then, simply apply your FB Wallet funds to your FB Plus subscription!

FAQ regarding use of eGift Cards for new FB Plus subscriptions.

FAQ Regarding us of eGift Cards for existing FB Plus subscriptions (auto-renew plans).

As always, if you have more questions, you can fill out a Contact Us form or send an email directly to service@fitnessblender.com. Thank you for working out with us!