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FB Plus - A new way to use Fitness Blender, launching soon

FB Plus - A new way to use Fitness Blender, launching soon

Hello Fitness Blender Family,
We have some exciting news — a big project that we've been working on for a very long time, FB Plus, is launching soon! FB Plus is a brand new addition to our website launching on October 23, and we can't wait to show you what we've been working on. 

Don’t worry; everything that's free right now at is staying free and we will continue to add new features and content there as well. Similar to Workout Programs and Meal Plans, FB Plus was designed to be a low cost add-on that supports our ability to continue to innovate and bring you new features and content.

What’s coming:

  • At launch FB Plus members won’t see any ads on the website or the workout videos (we have a brand new private video player!).
  • At launch there will be a cool new “Surprise Me” tool for selecting a workout video when you don’t know what to do next.
  • In the next few weeks we’ll be adding insightful analytics to your dashboard and workouts so you can see your past activity and use it to help stay on track with your fitness goals. The coolest part? If you’re already a member, all of your historical data for the past few years will already be there. If you’d prefer not to see this kind of info, you can also hide it in your preferences.
  • In the next couple months we’re going to introduce the ability to enter and earn your Workout Complete with custom workouts, whether it's walking the dog, doing a third party workout video, going for a swim, or even taking a well deserved rest day.

In 2020, you can expect a wide variety of new ways to track your progress toward personal goals, all new ways to create your own workout programs, and unique content for being a FB Plus member. We wanted to make FB Plus as flexible as possible, so you can use it as a monthly or yearly subscription, or sign-up for a single month at a time — it’s up to you. 

We have so much planned, it is going to take us through next year and beyond to do it all. So, to get new features in your hands now, we’re launching Early Access on 10/23. That means you can sign up with a huge discount and get all the new features the minute they come out. Since it will be a work in progress, you’ll also have the ability to give us feedback about what you like, don’t like, or want to see next; we largely rely on your feedback to help shape the features of FB Plus. As an Early Access member, you’ll also be helping us grow and continue to produce brand new content for both FB Plus and free memberships.

Why FB Plus?
We've now (officially!) been a company for 10 years, and a lot has changed in that time. FB Plus is the culmination of years of brainstorming and feedback from our members about what else Fitness Blender could be. Our community and the Fitness Blender team have been dreaming up innovative, helpful site features, what else we might film and create, and all kinds of different ways to make FB as beneficial as possible to everyone who uses it. 

FB Plus membership will help us build more great features, create more content, and continue to grow as a resource. But innovation, technical and business upkeep, high legal and security standards for web safety, and growing the team to make it all happen, are just a part of the equation. Our primary goal is to remain true to our long-standing mission to make health and fitness attainable, affordable, and approachable. 

We're really excited about this next phase of Fitness Blender, what we're building, and the exciting things that we're soon going to be able to offer. You don't have to wait long for the launch of FB Plus; the extra features will be available starting next week! There might even be giveaways for free FB Plus memberships soon, so be sure to keep an eye out in the Community. About 240 members of the FB Family have already seen behind the scenes peeks of the new site, and have given incredibly helpful feedback — a big thank you to our beta testers! 

Also, sincere thanks to each of you who have ever earned a Workout Complete with us, tackled a workout program, or shared Fitness Blender with one of your family and friends. Fitness Blender would never be possible without this amazing Community. 

Thank you, 
Kelli and Daniel Segars

PS New workout releases start this Sunday, 10/20/19!