Exciting milestones: FB in WSJ & the reason why we don't get more press

Exciting milestones: FB in WSJ & the reason why we don't get more press

Hey Fitness Blender Family!

Something really exciting happened for us last week. The Wall Street Journal did a feature on Fitness Blender and our community. Later in the week, French news platform Les Echos also picked up the story for a feature. Aside from being a little surreal for us (if you told us in the beginning that this would one day happen, we probably wouldn't have believed you!), it's amazing because the more people we reach, the more we will be able to put back into and offer through Fitness Blender. Because all of our growth has been almost entirely due to word of mouth from happy customers, we definitely feel as though we share this milestone with you, our audience - the FB Family. So, a big 


is in order! 

None of this is possible without you guys. None of it. So we hope that you feel like you are a part of this, because you absolutely are. Even if you've never purchased a program, every Workout Complete you earn with us helps cover the cost of our website and the expense of creating workout videos and content. When you take the time to suggest our website or workouts to friends and family, you are helping make this possible. This is not an inexpensive company to run, but with the power of many, and the power of word of mouth, something that we were told was "entirely impossible" is now something that tens of millions of people use and benefit from each month. It's hard for us to even fully wrap our minds around and usually we're too busy working to do just that, but I will say that it's not uncommon to see happy tears in our office.

One question we often get from our audience on this topic though, is why you don't see more of FB in magazines, on the television, or in the news. Despite having a vibrant user base of tens of millions each month, Fitness Blender doesn't usually receive a lot of press or coverage. This is not due to lack of offers; many times, when we get an offer for a feature or spot on a television show, it's with fine print. To be honest, we would rather have people sharing our content amongst one another because they like it and believe in it, rather than huge media shout outs. We have turned down opportunities because a lot of the offers would require us to endorse something, or say something, that we just don't believe in. We believe that honesty and integrity will get you further (and allow you to sleep soundly at night!) than quick flash in the pan exposure opportunities. We believe in people over profit. We made that decision from the beginning and to this day, wouldn't have it any other way. That's what makes things like this WJS feature that much more exciting; aside from a really fun Seattle Times article roughly a year ago & recent King 5 Evening news special, this is one of the only times that our story has been told over the 7 years of our time as a company. But we like the way we operate - it's not unlike what we preach and encourage in the approach to fitness; shortcuts rarely pay off, but honest, hard work on a consistent basis will always accumulate to something good.

Long story short, we're doing cool things together, guys. Let's keep it up.

Whether you've been with us for years or just finished your very first workout, thank you again for being a part of this.

Kelli & Daniel