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App News: Making hard decisions for a better Fitness Blender

App News: Making hard decisions for a better Fitness Blender

We are sad/disappointed/relieved to tell you that we are discontinuing the Fitness Blender app. The good news is that it was a catalyst for exciting developments on our website. It motivated us to make our website entirely mobile friendly. With 100% creative control, we were able mold it into exactly what we needed to create the best user experience. 

Here's a little bit of backstory about what happened with our app: apps are really expensive to create. We were once quoted 600k to build a simple interval timer app. Considering the fact that websites are also very expensive to build and maintain, we weren't really in the position a few years ago to build our own from app from scratch (especially considering we had much more ambitious plans than a simple interval timer). We were approached by a company who offered to develop an app for us, for free - essentially using the "white label" concept (when a product or service is produced by one company (the producer) that another company (the marketers) rebrand to make it appear as it is their own). It was going to allow us to offer our community a place to gather, without costing us an arm and a leg.

The app had been a fun place since 2015 - a lot of you made friendships that you will probably keep for many years. We watched you cheer each other on and check in with your "Workout Complete" each day, swap recipes, share setbacks, challenges and victories of all kinds. It was really fun and because we saw large, vibrant groups of people who had really bonded, we built Community Forums on our website. So there are definitely good things to be taken from this experience, that we can put forward into new plans and designs.

We pride ourselves in developing our website and content with our customer's best interests and their specific feedback in mind. In this case, due to the "white label" business structure, we felt that our hands were completely tied in terms of catering to any of our audience's requests and feedback, as well as implementing the obvious changes we also felt needed to happen to give our audience the best experience. The app no longer served our community in the way that we thought it should. 

If you have any questions, you can reach out to Fitness Blender Service @

Thank you for your patience and feedback while we rode out changes within the app. We really appreciate it.

*Please note, this means that there is no Fitness Blender app out there right now - if you see apps using our content, it is without our permission (please let us know: