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Am I Fit? Fitness Blender Physical Fitness Test

Am I Fit? Fitness Blender Physical Fitness Test

Knowing your level of physical fitness is important for many different reasons and can be used as a tool to motivate yourself or call attention to areas you need to work on. However, when testing your fitness levels, having a standard physical fitness test to use to score yourself with is paramount.

New: Fitness Blender's Revised PFT with video

Whether you want to measure your fitness ability at the start of a regime or after months of hard work, compare your scores to others to provide motivation, or identify weak spots in your overall physical health, the Fitness Blender PFT (physical fitness test) is a great overall fitness tool to assess your fitness and to show you where you stand.

Make sure you warm up before starting this test. A brisk walk and some light stretching will suffice.

Fitness Blender PFT

1 Mile Run/Walk

Complete one mile as quickly as possible. You can use a treadmill, your local high school track, or map out your own flat, one mile course by using any online mapping system (like - or drive the course in your car and use your car’s odometer).

20:30< minutes = 1 Point
20:29-19:00 minutes = 2 Points
18:59-17:30 minutes = 5
17:29-16:00 minutes = 10
15:59-15:00 minutes = 15
14:59-14:00 minutes = 20
13:59-13:00 minutes = 25
12:59-12:00 minutes = 30
11:59-11:00 minutes = 35
10:59-10:00 minutes = 40
09:59-09:00 minutes = 45
08:59-08:00 minutes = 50
07:59-07:00 minutes = 60
06:59-06:00 minutes = 70
05:59-05:00 minutes = 80
04:59> minutes = 90 Points

1 Mile Walk/Run Time:________ = ________Points

Push Ups (2 points each for Full or “man” pushup; 1 Point each for Half or “girl” pushup)
Complete as many full Push Ups as you can in two minutes. You must come within 3 inches of the ground for each repetition to count (a yoga block on its short side works well as a marker). If your knees touch the ground (and/or you have to switch partway through to a half push up) then every push up after that counts as one point. If you completely rest at any point, stop counting repetitions. Each Full Push Up is worth 2 points and each Half Push Up is worth 1 point.

Push Ups Score: Half Push Up(________x1) + Full Push Up(________x2)=________Total Points

Crunches (1 point each)
Complete as many crunches as you can in two minutes. Crunch up as far as you can; just don’t let your abs relax until 2 minutes is up or you stop counting. Each crunch is worth 1 point.

Crunches Score:________

Pull Ups (5 points each)
Complete as many Pull Ups as you can in two minutes. If you let go, touch the ground, or relax completely in any way, stop counting reps until you start again. If you cannot complete a pull up then do a timed “hang”; 1 point for 30 seconds of a “dead hang” (arms fully extended), and 5 points for 30 seconds of a “flexed arm hang” (chin up above bar). Each full Pull Up is worth 5 points.

Pull Ups Score: Pull Ups(________x5) + Flexed Hang(________x5) + Dead Hang(________x1)=________

Sit and Reach – Flexibility Test (4 points per inch)
Cut two pieces of tape just over 24 inches in length. Leave one blank and mark the center of the tape (from end to end) on the other. Place them on the ground perpendicular to each other so that the edge of the blank tape is even with the center of the marked tape. Using the marked tape, measure out 12 inches in each direction from the center, marking each inch. Sit with your feet up to the edge of the blank tape with the marked tape both between your legs and extending out past your feet (make sure you sit with your feet up against the inside edge of the blank tape that is lined up with the center of the marked tape). Reaching the first mark on the tape (in between your legs) with your fingertips is worth 4 points; each inch past that is worth an additional 4 points. Keep your legs locked and hold the furthest reach for 5 seconds for it to count; do not use bouncing motions to gain any inches of reach.

First Mark = 4 points
+1 inch = 8 points
+2 inches = 12
+3 inches = 16
+4 inches = 20
+5 inches = 24
+6 inches = 28
+7 inches = 32
+8 inches = 36
+9 inches = 40
+10 inches = 44
+11 inches = 48 points (center mark)
+12 inches = 52
+13 inches = 56
+14 inches = 60
+15 inches = 64
+16 inches = 68
+17 inches = 72
+18 inches = 76
+19 inches = 80
+20 inches = 84
+21 inches = 88
+22> inches = 92 points

Sit and Reach Score:________

Total Score=________

Take the physical fitness test, record your results, start doing our full length home Workout Videos, and take the test again in 30 days; see your progress?

Want to share your results for the FB PFT?
Are you fit? Post your test results below in the comments section. This test has no difference in scoring for gender or age but feel free to note your gender and age when you post your score.