3 Million YouTube Subscribers!

Fitness Blender just hit 3 million Subscribers on YouTube!

If you're not a part of that number already, we encourage you to Subscribe to us on YouTube to be the first to know when new workouts go live.

To celebrate, we're planning a new signature 1000 calorie workout video. We are both sick with the flu at the moment (fun!) but as soon as we're feeling better, we're going to put it together for you as soon as possible. 

Here are a few of our other 1000 calorie routines in the meantime:

Thank you guys for working out with us & for always cheering us on. We are very proud of our Fitness Blender Community. As always, we feel like we are just getting started; there is so much more good stuff on the way. 

Thanks again, 

Kelli, Daniel, Loki