Yurbuds Review - Do Yurbuds Really Not Fall Out During a Workout?

Yurbuds Review - Do Yurbuds Really Not Fall Out During a Workout?

One of my biggest pet peeves while running is my earphones falling out. Running can be so soothing and mind clearing - an earbud that wont stay put, or that you have to constantly keep adjusting is a serious pain and it can mess with the stress relief that a good run provides.

When I saw claims that Yurbuds wont fall out - "guaranteed" - I was skeptical (especially considering there's many that have nothing that wraps around the ear to support the piece) but gave them a shot.

The specific ones we tried were Yurbuds Inspire and Focus.

Womens Yurbuds Inspire Review - Developed for women, and catering to smaller ears, the Inspire pair requires a "Twist Lock" motion to secure within your ear. At first I wasn't sure how that would work but once I got it right, I could tell instantly that they weren't going to budge. I have small ears, and these fortunately came with two different sizes so that I could ensure that they really fit snugly and wouldn't even bounce while I was sprinting, which is a noisy and uncomfortable feature of many other brands I've tried.

The quality of the sound is great and again, because it's in the ear, I feel like I don't have to turn the volume up as loud to drown out background noise. They are the most comfortable way I've listened to a personal music source during a workout. Overall, I really like these and use them all the time now.


Ironman Yurbuds Review - These are also guaranteed not to fall off, and the cord not to tangle. Both of these proved to be accurate claims. We even tried to tangle the cord, bunching it up in pockets and other less than ideal situations, but it was almost impossible to get it to knot up. Sound reproduction is great, very clear, and the remote functionality works well. We did find the hook that goes over the ear to be quite uncomfortable. The hook is adjustable in size, but after trying multiple positions they just weren't for us, in terms of any kind of comfortable long term use.


Have you tried these during your own workouts? What did you think?