Your Diet & The Holidays - How to Enjoy the Holidays Without Gaining Weight

Here are our best tips for how to enjoy the holidays without gaining weight. Buckle up, it might not be what you expect.

Fill your plate with all of the delicious holiday food that you and your family worked so hard to prepare. Go back for seconds. Go back for thirds. Eat mountains of mashed potatoes with rivers of gravy. Indulge in dessert. Twice. Drink your wine, sparkling cider, champagne, eggnog, beer, or whatever you please. Enjoy your family, friends, and loved ones. Be thankful and grateful for your loved ones. Enjoy yourself.

Don't count calories. Don't practice portion control. Don't starve yourself the week before, or after a holiday. Don't punish yourself with a restrictive diet or brutal workout video the next day. Don't weigh yourself after a great big holiday cheat day. Don't worry about weight gain. Don't throw up your hands over minor slip ups or even giant whole-day slip ups and declare that the entire rest of the year is a wash because you have failed, that you will instead start your clean eating and exercise habit January 1st.

Just like one meal or one workout isn't going to make you fit or lean, a couple of cheat days in the form of holidays is not going to ruin your progress or make you gain weight. What matters most around the holidays is that you realize that the actual holidays only take place around several days. Do your best (practicing moderation as needed if you have many holidays parties and exposure to the typical abundance of junk food kept around the workplace around the holidays) to eat clean all the rest of the month, and to keep up with your workouts.

Whatever you do, don't let your worrying interfere with your ability to enjoy your holidays. If you beat yourself up or tell yourself that you have "failed" somehow, you're setting yourself up for a stressful situation that will actually increase your likelihood of skipping workouts, binging, and overindulging more often, which can actually lead to weight gain.

Once you've enjoyed your holiday, go right back into your healthy eating habits. Drink lots of water, and get back into your regular routines of Fitness Blender workout videos.

Whatever holidays you and your family celebrate, we hope you enjoy them to the fullest extent possible!




03/14/16 9:02am

My mom told me last Thanksgiving it was the most she'd seen me eat in a while. Good thing I didn't punch her in the throat.


01/03/16 3:00am

Thanks Kelli and Dan.


12/04/15 1:52am

Love this video.

My personal experience from last year - before I even started working out with you, guys! I stopped healthy eating around the 21st of December and started again only on the 6th of January (that's the Epifania in Italy). I put on 3 kg in almost 3 weeks, but luckily I wasn't discouraged. When I started eating healthily again I shed 3.5kg from the 7th to the 12th of January. I didn't starve myself, nor did I take any supplements or followed crazy suggestions on the internet. What I think is that my metabolism was shaken in those three weeks and that's what caused the sudden weight loss that I wasn't even shooting for. I am looking forward to shaking my metabolism again this year! :D

Happy holidays to everybody! x


12/02/15 4:45am

The problem is our holiday will be two weeks long.


11/27/15 1:53pm

As the saying goes: You don't gain weight between christmas and new year, you gain weight between new year and christmas!
Tomorrow is my birthday (aka cheat day) and on Sunday starts the Advent and with it all the decorating and baking and cooking. I already decided that I will resume my diet in January, but until then I'm sure I'll have quite a few cheat days. :-)


11/18/15 1:37pm

Wow, this is a new perspective for me. Currently in New Zealand we are heading into the holiday season and I have been stressing out about the meal times with friends and family! "Once in awhile' philosophy; thank you..*relaxes


11/17/15 2:13pm

Such a refreshing and *reality based* perspective that you rarely find! Thanks for the reminder to help us all keep our sanity during this time!


06/11/15 7:35pm

Great information, thanks for share

Best 3 weeks diet -


04/27/15 1:22pm

How often can we have a "cheat" day ? Love u guys


11/26/14 5:11pm

Just look for their shorter workouts, do one in the morning and one in the evening.

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