You are Good Enough - Pass it On!


     Everyday we are bombarded by images and messages created by people who want to sell us something that are telling us that we aren’t good enough in one way or another. It’s an endless stream of you aren’t thin enough, rich enough, young enough, you don’t wear the right clothes and you don’t drive the right car, you have wrinkles, your hair needs to be dyed, you need dangerous plastic surgery if you want to look the way you’re “supposed” to and you need to be flawless inside & out if you are to believe that you are worth anything at all.

     We thought we’d put a message out there that was a little different. Yeah, it’s cheesy, and yes; we all have legitimate personal things that we can work on to improve ourselves, but positive self talk will get you there faster than negative self talk every time – with a whole lot less misery involved, too.

     A lot of us get so caught up in attaining personal goals that we forget that we are still worthwhile people the entire time that we are in the pursuit of what we are after. Whether it’s finishing a college degree, losing weight, or being outstanding parents, we shouldn’t feel like we aren’t adequate until the end goal is reached.

     Be your own self-fulfilling prophecy; tell yourself that you are good enough and you will thrive. You can do the same favor for the people you care about in your life; boost them up and they will feel good about themselves and live up to it.

     Parents in particular should keep in mind that children are like sponges that soak up everything about the environments they are raised in; including learning to talk negatively about themselves. Hearing you complain about things that seem trivial, everything from “fat thighs” to having “bad skin” or being bad at math or writing – those are all things that sink in with kids and each time they hear it from the parents they look up to, they become more likely to believe those same things about themselves as they grow up.

     Long story short; you are good enough! Share this message with someone who you think is good enough the way they are.