Wrist and Ankle Weights Reviews: Where to Buy Ankle and Wrist Weights

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Wrist and Ankle Weights Reviews: Where to Buy Ankle and Wrist Weights

There are hundreds of bodyweight exercises out there that can be a great part of strength or toning routines at home or at the gym. So, what do you do when those exercises start getting too easy but you don’t want to give them up? Well, you can either modify the exercise’s leverage in some way to make it harder, or you can simply incorporate some kind of additional resistance to make it more challenging.

Whether you are doing plyometric training, balance training, agility training, or even Pilates, using only an extra pound or two with ankle and wrist weights can take an exercise from easy to epic in no time flat.

There are many different types and features in these pieces of equipment. Read these reviews to help you decide which ones are best for your workouts.

Best Ankle Weights

1 – All Pro Adjustable
These are the best that money can buy. They are comfortable, easy to put on, the individual increments secure at any angle, and they are incredibly durable. These are a great choice for a private home gym or even to have at a large institution where they will be getting constant use.

2 – Power Systems Premium Adjustable Ankle Weights 5, 10 and 20 lb sets
These are high quality, comfortable and durable. The Velcro closure is fully adjustable and strong enough to stay secure no matter what motion you put them through. The only drawback is that the individual pieces can sometimes slip out of their pockets when turned upside down. But this is easily avoidable by turning it upside down when performing a motion where your legs will be inverted.

3 – Shoe Irons
These don’t actually go on your leg, instead they wrap around your shoe, which makes them the least obtrusive option on the market. I really like this style and would have given it the number one spot on the review if it was more adjustable. It comes with six ½ lb weights, giving you the option for 1.5lb per foot or 3lb for just one foot. You also have the option of buying more of the individual inserts. This is a great option for home gyms.

4 – Power Systems Ankle and Wrist Weights
These are a great style that latch easily and securely with Velcro, and are very comfortable to wear. Their only downfall is that they are not adjustable. The weight you buy is what you get which forces you to buy more when you need to up your difficulty level. The plus side is that they are durable and very cheap, and can also easily be used on the wrists.

Best Wrist Weights

1 – Power Systems Weighted Glove
These neoprene gloves are the most secure, offering two finger holes, a thumbhole, and a tough Velcro closure. They position the weight on the back of the hand rather than the wrist, allowing your wrist more range of motion while wearing them. These are a great addition to any home gym and are particularly useful for those wanting to use them for upper body toning during Pilates or kickboxing.

2 – Reebok Thumblock Wrist Weight
This is an awesome product as it has a thumbhole to keep it more stationary when using them for activities such as aerobics classes, running, or kickboxing classes. They leave your hand free for other things, making them easy to work around (unlike having to hold dumbbells during a workout). Though only slightly less secure than the Power Systems glove, they are still a great option for your home gym workout.

3 – MiR Adjustable Weighted Glove
Though not the most comfortable or the easiest to put on, these are the best adjustable option you can find. They are also some of the heaviest out there at three pounds per hand and adjustable at 1.5 lb increments. These are very heavy duty and would last well even in a commercial setting.

Constantly pushing yourself is the only way you will get better, stronger, faster, or leaner. These pieces of equipment are designed for just that; pushing yourself. When bodyweight isn’t enough and dumbbells and medicine balls just aren’t practical for the exercise you are doing, incorporating one of these types of tools can help you reach the next level of fitness.