Workouts to Get Curves: Exercises for a Curvy Body

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Curves are feminine, and hourglass figure types are one of the most highly sought after shapes out there. These workout routines can help to build an hourglass shape.

Though media likes to portray the concept that stick thin is in, studies have shown time and time again that both genders prefer a body shape that has curves. The truth is that all that really matters is that your body is strong and healthy.

If you aren’t naturally built this way but want to be, there are many workouts that can help to make you appear more shapely; these are some of the best.

Upper Body Toning Tabata Routine – This actually ends up being a calorie blasting routine because of the tabata structure. The workout builds up muscles in the bust and, making it an ideal combo of exercises to get the shape that you're after.

Butt and Thigh Workout for a Rounder Butt - Build up the glutes for a more shapely body -  also a great way to help create the look of a smaller waist, by contrast.

15 Minute Booty Boot Camp – Strong, shapely glutes and thighs are half of the equation when it comes to curves. This booty boot camp also targets the legs and bum and burns a significant number of calories while doing so.

25 Min Abs & Obliques Home Workout Video – If you're going to exercise to get a curvy body, you're going to need core strength. This routine will help you tone the sides to create a contrast between the shoulders, obliques, and hips. If you want to build this shape, use this video 2-3 times a week.

Do one or more of these workout routines, roughly 3 to 4 times a week. Mix them and match them; as long as you are doing them consistently they will yield results. After about a month of doing these programs, you will start to notice a difference in your shape. As an added benefit, you will have toned up and possibly even lost some weight.

A lot of people confuse being curvy with being overweight. In reality, part of getting a curvy body is maintaining a healthy weight. When you have a healthy BMI and body fat percentage, you will find it easier to have a small waist, which really lends itself to creating the typical hourglass appearance.