Workout and Exercises for Bigger Buttocks: How to get Bigger Buttocks

So you want bigger, rounder glutes? Forget the butt pads and strategically stuffed underwear and build a real one with these exercises for a bigger booty.

This workout is going to hurt, but in a good way. Just remember you were the one who looked up this workout! If an exercise is too hard to do for a full 60 seconds, just take a second or two to catch your breath and then start again.

How to do this workout:
There are two routines on this page that can help you reach your goals; the video above, and the printable routine below. The exercises are to be done in pairs. Do the indicated time period of each exercise (noting when you should repeat the minute on the opposite side of the body and when you should divide the minute between the halves of the body). Complete 3 rounds of each pair before moving onto the next group of pairs.

To get a more toned, round bum faster, make the workout even harder by holding handweights or dumbbells in your hands. For most exercises, it works best to hold them in close to your body at shoulder height.

Warm up (10-15 minutes of cardio)

1 Minute Pilates Leg Pulls (Alternate lifting left and right legs)
1 Minute Clock Lunges (Repeat full minute on each side of the body)

1 Minute Squat Jacks
1 Minute Reverse Lunges with Rear Leg Raises (Repeat on each side of the body)

1 Minute Pilates Kneeling Side Leg Raises (30 seconds on both left and right legs)
1 Minute Ski Squats

1 Minute Back Bow Crossovers
1 Minute Sumo Squats

Cool Down & Stretch

Here’s a tip; combine this strength training routine with a cardio workout that targets the bum muscles, as well. A great example would be to spend your cardio warm up on the stair climber (you can also run stairs or bleachers, if you don’t have a gym membership). Blending cardio that specifically targets glute muscles with this workout routine for glutes will leave your legs and butt very sore - but it will definitely help you get a rounder booty.

Do this routine 3-4 times a week, giving your lower body 1 day off in between (focus on upper body toning while you give your lower body muscles a rest). It’s also a great idea to mix up your workout routines often to keep your body guessing and responsive to the exercises you put it through. Look through Fitness Blender's home workout videos for more challenging lower body workouts that would be great to switch back and forth with the above routine.