Top 5 Fitness Myths - Best Tips for Losing Weight for Good - Staying Fit While Traveling

Top 5 Fitness Myths

#5 Cardio is best for weight loss - Cardio is great but it's not a good standalone option for someone who wants to lose weight. Using just cardio for weight loss can result in a loss of muscle mass, which can slow your metabolism, making it difficult to reach and stay at a healthy bodyweight.

#4 Spot reducing fat - It's impossible to isolate fat loss; the body loses fat from allover the body, so instead of wasting your time with exercises or products that claim to melt fat from a certain area, focus on total body strength training, various forms of cardio, and a healthy diet, in order to lose fat from allover the body, including those trouble zones.

#3 There is one diet or exercise plan that works universally for everyone - The more that a person insists that their way is the only way, the more likely you can count on them being full of it. Something different works for everyone; listen to your body to find what eating and exercising habits make you feel the healthiest, and be leery of anyone pitching any extreme "one-size-fits-all" diet or exercise plan.

#2 "Fit" looks like ______ - Fitness looks different on everyone. The industry keeps trying to shove a certain image down everyone's throats as representative of "fit" or "healthy" but the truth is that fit comes in all shapes and sizes, and even a wide range of bodyweights and body fat percentages. There are six billion people in the world, & six billion different versions of fit.

#1 You need supplements and/or a gym to get fit and healthy - All you really need is clean eating and bodyweight workouts; keep it simple. We don't even take multivitamins, and we don't have a gym membership; unless we were specifically directed to take something, we wouldn't, and if we were, we would likely seek out a second opinion. Be skeptical, and be an advocate for your own health; be very careful with what you put into your body.

Staying Fit While Traveling
- Walk as often as possible
- Allow yourself indulgences in moderation, without fully derailing healthy habits
- Do Fitness Blender workouts in your hotel room
- Choose activities that keep you moving
- Walk at the airport; stretch in between and after flights
- Drink lots of water
- Especially if you travel infrequently, allow yourself some wiggle room; don't be so rigid that you actually cause yourself stress

- Learn more, watch: How we eat on vacation

Best Tips for Losing Weight for Good
- Make your ultimate focus and goal good health - No matter what your superficial goals may be, make health your number one priority. Weight loss alone is actually a weak motivator; use health, strength, a long full life, and the avoidance of illness and disease your focus and you will find that the physical changes come around naturally and will be a lot easier to maintain.

- Watch your self talk - Don't talk negatively to yourself. The body hears everything your mind says, and so do your kids, your friends, and peers. Contribute to changing the way society views health and fitness by putting an end to bashing your own body, as well as other people's bodies.

- Set small, realistic goals - Break down large goals into smaller, more attainable goals; reaching those incremental goals will serve as motivation to keep pushing yourself to your larger goals.

- Start into your workout program at an appropriate place - A lot of people needlessly fear or loathe working out, simply because they only associate exercise with overly intense exertion - feeling pain or sickness while working out, largely because they have picked a starting place that is just too intense for a beginner. It's not normal to puke during a workout, and if you've got a trainer that's suggesting otherwise, you need a new trainer!

- Good health and fitness requires 50% diet, and 50% fitness - One without the other is trying to create a shortcut that's just not wise.



08/11/16 8:44am

I just love you 2!
Its just so amazing how you talk about life. and you really motivate me. I watch your videos for years now. and it how I really understood, how important it is to be just healthy. Its NOT about good look. or the perfect body. Its jsut about me. Its about beeing healthy as long as I can. I want to get old. and still be able to life my life. go out- have a walk. be travelling. Even when Im, I dont know, 65 years old or so. So now Im 22 and Im able to do the best I can to stay healthy.
Thank you for that. And of course for the great workout and workout programms.


08/03/16 7:47am

Hi guys, I'm traveling long term and often staying in hostels rather than hotels so less space and less privacy. I miss working out with you guys SO much - any tips for exercises/workouts I can do in these circumstances? Thanks!

02/17/16 12:24pm

Hey guys good tips!
You guys motivated me to start my weight loss journey. I did my research and just picked up the 3 week regime,, and I cant wait to get started. Subbed to your youtube channel, keep up the great work guys.


01/12/16 8:11am

Thanks, guys you are the best. Wow kelli looks nice dan youer so lucky.


12/20/15 1:59pm

You guys are awesome. You have way of inspiring us to want to be healthy and fit. Thank you so much for all you do for us. :)


09/18/15 7:32am

This video is amazing. Thank you guys for verifying what I feel took me a long time to learn about weight loss. I completely agree with all the busted myths.

One question I have is what do you guys do to keep moving during the workday? I build websites, so I am sitting anytime I am working. I know walking frequently helps, but are there other creative ways to keep blood pumping and brain working effectively?

07/26/15 4:05am



06/11/15 7:33pm

Great information, thanks for share

Best 3 weeks diet -


05/01/15 7:01am

That is so absolutely, completely true on the supplements! I am an rn and work for a health and wellness company where we do a full set of labwork on employees as part of a healthy work program. I have called on *hundreds* of body-builders with crazy labwork who take all sorts of supplements, creatine seeming to be the one I hear the most. So they are working out all the time, and on their labwork they look sicker than the sedentary, obese employees I'm also calling. There really needs to be some public education and research into how bad these right off the shelf at the health food store supplements really are for you. Thank you for putting that in your top five and stressing to stay away from the supplements and people who market them.


04/25/15 9:40am

So is a Protein Shake considered a "Supplement"?

03/29/15 5:40pm

I grew up in a family of yo-yo dieters and I just have to say I love love love everything you guys stand for and promote. The honesty and simplicity is so refreshing! I cannot thank you enough for the excellent free workouts and advice. I've been using your videos for years as a mom of young kids and staying fit is amazingly doable with your help! Thank you!


03/07/15 10:57am

great VID BUT I NEED TO KNOW HOW MANY TIMES A WEEK I SHOULD DO UR 1000 calorie workout which covers every muscle i want to do daily but when i googled it so many ppl telling so many different things leaving me in tension like what is true what is false please cover this issue,I LOVE UR WORK OUTS BUT I DNT KNOW IF HIIT IS GOOD TO BE DONE EVERYDAY???


02/24/15 8:51am

I love this video, because you guys give a lot of realistic advice and tips.
The thing about spot reduction though - aren't exercises focused on certain body parts meant to work more on those problem areas?
For instance, I have a healthy body weight for my height (54 kgs at five feet six inches) and have been exercising almost regularly for the past 4 years.(I am 26 years of age right now) However I seem to have meatier limbs and I face a tough time trying to tone them.
I pick up workout videos from fitnessblender for my everyday workouts but often think what kind of a mix should it be when I want to focus on those problem areas - like, how many times a week should I be doing upper body, or core or lower body or full body workouts?
As I am living in my college hostel, so there is only so much I can do about my diet though.


02/24/15 7:55am

For determined_14: It's actually a "trend" (I personally hate every "bodytrend" there is because like FB has told more than once: Fit looks different on everyone! A "trend" of being your healthy self would be cool tho.) nowadays to have a bigger butt and thighs, and many women try to achieve that through excercise or even surgeries (unfortunately).
Also not all women are "supposed" to carry some fat in lower body. There are naturally skinny women too.. Women (and men) are supposed to look like themselves and be healthy and happy in their bodies, regardless the shape of it. :)

This video was great, once again. The part about setting realistic goals was really motivating! I tend to forget to set those realistic goals and just keep my eye on something that's not possible to achieve in a week or even in a month. And then getting upset of not seeing those results fast enough..
Also the stuff about self-talk was really spot-on.


11/19/14 4:49pm

Obviously I don't know you, but based on this description, it sounds like you might be perfectly healthy with a bigger butt and thighs. Women are *supposed* to carry some fat in the lower body: studies show that it makes us live longer, diminishes our risk of heart disease, and allows us to bear healthy children. I know society doesn't celebrate this look, but go easy on yourself: I bet you're healthy (and beautiful!) just the way you are. If you want to read more about this, browse all the archives over at . Charlotte is hilarious, poignantly honest, and a research junkie. Her blog posts are great!

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