Three Easy Ways to Lose 20 Pounds in a Year

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Three Easy Ways to Lose 20 Pounds in a Year

Seldom do we realize the magnitude of our small daily decisions and how they add up to weight loss. One year of a few more steps and a couple less forkfuls per day can sum up to significant pounds lost. Take a peek at these various scenarios to find how small changes can lead to dramatic results and help you lose up to 20 pounds in a year.

Go for short strolls; get moving
Adding two 15-minute walks at a speed of 4 mph burns at least an extra 200 calories per day. Over a month that’s a total of 6000 calories, or 1.72 pounds lost. Just that 30 minutes of walking per day–without even making any kind of dietary changes whatsoever, can lead to losing 2 pounds a month. After a year of even the simplest walking routines like this one, you’re looking at a total of 72,000 calories expended and a whopping 20.5 pounds lost!

Let the sodas fizzle and pass up fruit juices for the real thing
The average 12-ounce can of soda has about 130 empty calories. Cutting just one of these nutritionally null and void liquids from your daily diet would equate to a weight loss of 13.5 pounds after one year – if you currently drink 2 cans a day, you’re looking at losing around 27 pounds in 12 months by making this change.

Soda is not the only diet sabotaging liquid people ruin their diets with. Almost all of the fruit and vegetable juices out there are garbage when it comes to satisfying your hunger and giving your body the nutrients that it needs. Unless you are literally juicing your own fruits and vegetables always opt for the whole, physical form of the fruit or vegetable. This way, your hunger is satisfied and you don’t take in all of the extra sugars and additives that bottled juices have.

Take a good look at your daily snacks habits and after dinner desserts
Even the most modest of desserts are around a minimum of 300 calories, not to mention the sugars and saturated fats that they most likely have. Switch the sugary desserts for naturally sweet fruits and you’ll spare yourself at least 200 calories per day and get a good dose of immune system boosting vitamins. Make this change and reduce your calories by 200 a day and you’re looking at a reduction of 73,000 cal again; over 20 pounds lost in 12 months just by making this simple, healthful diet change.

Snacking gets a bad rep; there’s nothing wrong with munching throughout the day, just make sure that you aren’t reaching for processed, refined sweets and flours. Snack healthily and you can boost your metabolism and your likelihood of losing extra bodyweight.

Here’s an extra tip; stay away from reduced calorie foods and anything with fake sugar in it
There has been a lot of speculation about all of the “diet foods” and the role that they might be playing in our nation citizens getting fatter and fatter. The more diet products we introduce, the bigger our obesity problem seems to get. Aside from the fact that all the additives and substitute sugars in those low-fat foods arguably can make you hungrier and lead you to overeat, we also don’t know what they do long-term to the body–but the only studies that have not shown them to be harmful are the ones that are paid for by those fake sweetener companies.

Eat real food that has real nutrition and you’ll likely end up feeling much more satisfied and much less likely to overeat. There is no number on this particular scenario; but if you stop feeding your body substances that spur hunger you will inevitably stop eating beyond the number of calories that you need.