The Top 10 Best Home Abs Exercises

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The Top 10 Best Home Abs Exercises

Abdominal muscles have always been the quintessential token of “being fit”, the focal point on which people fix their forward stares and fitness related goals.

In all reality, it takes a lot more than just high reps of many assorted abdominal moves to develop an envy worth set of six pack abs or even a flat or moderately toned stomach. Nonetheless, situps do have a role in attaining a noteworthy set of abs; here are the top 10 best abdominal exercises that you can do at home-no equipment required!

Crisscross Crunch - The Crisscross Crunch is a triple threat in that it tones the entire abdominal wall (even the stubborn lower abs), tightens the oblique muscles, and burns a decent amount of calories because the entire body is involved in the motion. To get the most out of this abdominal workout, it’s crucial to maintain proper form by not letting your abs “cheat” by bringing your knees in any further than your hip joint.

Russian Twist - Do a few reps of this home ab exercise and you’ll know exactly which muscles are working and it will quickly become apparent why this move is so effective at whittling waistlines.
The lower back also has to chip in to complete this motion, meaning your obliques and lower abs wont be the only sore muscles.

Reverse Crunch - Toning lower abdominals can be tricky but this bodyweight exercise manages to do so effectively. The Reverse Crunch engages the lower ab muscles in a much fuller range of motion than any other situp. Because of the support that the upper body provides in the lifting motion, the deltoids and triceps also get a bit of a workout.

Pilates Side Hip Raise - This Pilates move can serve as an effective hourglass exercise because of the way it tightens the obliques. It also simultaneously works the outside thighs; work your way up to the hardest version for the most benefit.

Flutterkicks - Calling upon the abs muscles comprehensively, this movement also increases hip flexor strength, and increases lower body flexibility. Flutterkicks can be a great way to tone the stomach and slim thighs at the same time.

Jackknife Crunch - Jackknife Crunches are an efficient way to strengthen the upper and lower abdominals concurrently. Do the motion slowly, with an emphasis on smooth and controlled motions in order to get the most gain from your efforts.

Running - Though not your standard, straightforward “ab exercise”, running can be a great way to tone your abs. For one, running burns a great deal of calories, which can help you shed any excess body fat that might otherwise conceal your ab muscles. Secondly, intentionally pulling in your stomach while you are running can double the toning advantages; run a mile while focusing on keeping your ab muscles tight and you will quickly feel (and soon even see) the difference.

Pilates Teaser - This is an advanced abdominal workout as it requires strength, balance, and flexibility. Once you have built up baseline core strength, this is one of the best moves to take the challenge of your routines up a notch.

Double Leg Circles - Double Leg circles is another very effective way to tone lower abdominals without any equipment. Not only does it tone lower abs, it engages the entire core and even builds strength in the hips, thighs, and rhomboids.

Pilates Oblique Crunch with Leg Raise - This is an awesome total body exercise that is especially fantastic at toning the obliques. The lower body also gets a good workout; this Pilates exercise can slim both outer and inner thighs.

This list was built with the entire core in mind- upper abs, lower abs, and obliques included.

Do keep in mind that if you plan to workout your abdominal muscles, you should also balance out that routine with one that focuses on developing your back muscles, as well.