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Stretching Exercises for Snowboarding and Skiing: Stretching Routine

Stretching Exercises for Snowboarding and Skiing: Stretching Routine

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Stretching is a very important and often overlooked component of training for the winter sports season. Skiing and snowboarding both use a wide range of movements that are sporadic, sudden, and potentially stressful for muscles and ligaments. Make this stretching routine a priority while you are training for the sport, and before and after a day on the mountain, and you will significantly reduce the likelihood of soreness and injury.

These stretching exercises for snowboarding and skiing are part of Fitness Blender’s comprehensive program that includes Ski & Snowboard Strength Training, balance and agility exercises, and a cardiovascular training program for these specific sports.

Stretching Routine for Skiing and Snowboarding

Hold all positions for at least 20 seconds. Always make sure that you use smooth, controlled motions to get into a position. Never use jerking motions in order to reach further as this can cause injury.

Transverse Oblique Twist
Purpose: Increases range of motion through back, hips, and especially transverse obliques.
How to do it: Lying on mat, lift right leg straight up from hip then lay it over to left side without letting right shoulder come off of ground.

Straight Leg Hang
Purpose: Targets hamstring and lower back.
How to do it: Stand with feet together, tilt hips forward, then round back and reach for the floor.

3 Way Hamstring / Back Reaches
Purpose: Increases flexibility through hamstrings, lower back, obliques, and neck.
How to do it: Position One: With right foot pulled in as close as is comfortable, place left leg straight out to left side. With left hand, reach across to left foot and tuck head towards chest. Position Two: Left leg straight out from hip, and right leg relaxed to right side. Using both hands, reach down leg then tuck chin and round back as much as possible. Position Three: With left leg straight, bring left leg across in front of hip, then bend right leg over top of left. With right hand, reach down to left foot, then tuck heads toward chest and round back. Switch sides and repeat.

Deep Glute Pull
Purpose: Targets muscles deep within the glutes.
How to do it: Lie on back with knees bent. Pull one leg up so that the side of the foot rests on the thigh of the other leg, and pull both in towards chest until you can felt in the glutes.

Hip Flexor / Quadriceps
Purpose: Stretches through quadriceps, front of hip and lower abdominals.
How to do it: Kneeling on a thick mat, grab back foot and pull up and in as close as is comfortable. Slowly slide front foot forward and drop hips down and forward while arching back through chest. Switch legs and repeat.

Chest Stretch
Purpose: Targets muscles though palm, forearm, bicep and chest
How to do it: Place left hand on wall with finger pointing behind you. Slowly walk backwards until stretching forearm, then take small steps turning in place away from left arm until you can also feel it in the chest and bicep, hold. Switch sides and repeat.

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Always make sure that muscles are at least slightly warmed before starting any stretching routine in order to avoid muscle pulls and discomfort. Ten minutes of light cardio is typically sufficient to start a light stretching routine.