Slosh Pipe Workout - The Best Slosh Pipe Exercises

Slosh Pipe Workout - The Best Slosh Pipe Exercises

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Slosh pipe workouts, or slosh tube workouts, are great for gaining strength, toning muscles, and developing functional balance and body control. You can buy these from a few small companies, or you can easily and inexpensively make your own at home. Learn how to make your own slosh tube .

If you’ve never done any exercises using this unique piece of equipment, you’re missing out. Even the simplest exercise becomes more dynamic and challenging when you doing it with a slosh tube.

For example, when you do squats with one, you are not only adding the challenge of the weight of the water filled tube to your workout, you also create a situation where your body must balance and adjust to accommodate the imbalances created by the sloshing of the water. Even a basic bicep curl becomes more difficult because your muscles are engaged in a more comprehensive way than with a regular dumbbell.

The Best Slosh Tube Exercises

Alternating lunges – Turn up the calorie burn, the toning benefit and the difficulty of a traditional lunge by hefting a 6-10' water filled tube across your shoulders. You can also get creative and turn any of the lunge variations into a slosh tube exercises; clock lunges, and crossover lunges are good options to mix things up.

Squats – Distribute the weight of a 6-10’ water filled pipe evenly across your shoulders, dip, and repeat. Especially with the added weight and balance component required, be sure to keep your knees from going over your toes. Try the different stances of sumo squats and ski squats to keep your muscles guessing and your workouts varied.

Walk or jog lines with it across your shoulders – Even the act of walking or jogging turns into a decent workout when you use the right length and weight of a tube. The longer and/or heavier the pipe, the more difficult it will be, as long as it is not filled any more than ½ to ¾ full. Make an obstacle course layout in the form of things that you have to quickly maneuver around (chairs, for example) in order to make the workout really engage your core muscles.

Bicep curls – Executed just like a regular bicep curl, you can either do the curls simultaneously (if it is long enough), or singularly (if you’re working with a short slosh pipe).

Tricep overhead extensions with a slosh pipe – Heft the it up and over your head and keep your elbows out next to your ears. Keeping your elbows static, bend at the joint to lower the tube down so that it is near the back of your neck.

Chest press – Using a physioball or a bench for a back stabilizer, do chest presses. Doing this exercise will leave you sore, even if you’re an avid exerciser.

Toe touch crunches – Hold it in your hands above your body and crunch upwards towards your toes while trying to balance the unsteady tube. Also try Russian Twists (if your pipe is short enough) as a slosh tube exercise for the core.

Pullovers – Lie on your back and hold it in your hands out over your body. The movement will have you move the tube from over your chest to the ground out above your head, and back.

Overhead press – Start with your hands at shoulder height, 2-4 inches outside of shoulders, slosh tube weight evenly distributed to each side of the body. Press straight up, then lower and repeat.

There are many more slosh pipe exercises that you can do, mainly depending on your own strength, and the weight and length of your pipes.

Having a spotter handy is not a bad idea for any of these exercises, especially the first time that you try to do them. For the same reason that slosh pipe workouts are so great for using to get into shape (trying to balance unstable, rushing water in a tube), they can also end up being a little hazardous to use in the house or anywhere where you don’t want to put a hole in the wall.