Roasted Steakhouse Potatoes

Roasted Steakhouse Potatoes Seasoned With Dijon and Garlic

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The Dish 

This is one of our favorite side dishes. These baby potatoes — heartily seasoned with garlic powder, onion powder, and dijon mustard — are a little addictive. The Dijon mustard coats each baby potato halve, adhering the dry seasonings to the surface to achieve a crispy crust. Serve these potatoes alongside any meaty main dish or veggie recipe in need of a tasty carbohydrate boost. 

Hacking this Recipe 

Look for baby potatoes that are roughly the same size, as this will allow for even cooking. Also, keep an eye on your potatoes while they’re cooking — depending on the size of your potatoes (whether you’re using larger or smaller baby potatoes, they can vary) they may need more or less time to cook and become tender. 


Preparation Instructions