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Resistance Bands Reviews - Best Place to Buy Resistance Bands

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When you think of home exercise equipment, resistance bands are one of the first pieces of equipment that comes to mind- or at least they should be. They can be used for hundreds of toning and strength training exercises, they travel easily, and best of all they are cheap and easy to store out of sight. But before you go out and buy this ideal piece of home workout equipment, you should spend a little time carousing functionality variances and reviews; some of your purchasing options are much better than others.

If you find honest reviews, you’ll learn that some cheap resistance bands are not worth the money - even considering the low cost. They run anywhere from $4 to $20 depending on the “weight” (how much resistance it creates), and the number of comfort features it has (padded grips, protective sleeve, etc.).

Picking the best product for your needs is essential and having a brand that delivers (no matter what features they have), will save you time and money. There are many different brands out there to choose from but the best place to shop is through a company called Power Systems. They have been making exercise equipment for over 25 years and theirs are the best I have ever used.

They have different styles to choose from so you can easily find the exact style that you are looking for.

Here’s a rundown of a few different styles of this versatile resistance tool

Versa-Tube Resistance Tube : This premium version is the next step up from the basic versa-tube and features a thick padded handle for extra comfort and added grip. These are great for those who will be using them for regular home workout routines and are ideal for personal trainers who primarily do in-home training sessions.

Power Systems Ultra Heavy Premium Versa-Tube Resistance Tube : This is the highest quality you can buy. If you are going to be using your bands very frequently, especially outside, on hard surfaces, or in a gym setting, these are worth the slightly higher cost. They feature not only the padded handle, but also a protective sleeve that extends it's life in high usage environments. These are professional gym quality and are the best choice for large institutions.