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Resistance band workouts: Home Upper Body and Chest Workout Routine

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Resistance band workouts are fantastic because they can literally be done anywhere. All you need is the exercise band, which is easy to pack, easy to store, and a synch to travel with. As an added bonus, they are really very inexpensive. (Original printable chest workout below)

This program is a comprehensive chest routine that will also tone your biceps, triceps, and shoulders. Many of these exercises even incorporate your lower back and abs muscles.

Fitness Blender workouts are easy to adjust to any fitness level. If a move in the exercise plan is too easy or hard, just move up or down a level of difficulty and check out modifications that make the move less demanding or more challenging. You can watch a video version of this program in this 20 Minute Upper Body Routine.

If you don’t already have this simple & inexpensive piece of exercise equipment at home, read our Resistance Bands Reviews to find out which ones will suit your exercise plans best.

How to do this routine:
Complete at least 10 – 15 minutes of cardio in order to prep your muscles and get thoroughly warmed up. Do 15 repetitions of each exercise; do the entire upper body and chest routine 3 times through.

Warm up

Jumping Jacks
Arm Circles

Overhead Tricep Extensions
Bicep Curls

Push Ups
Bent Over Wide Rows

Overhead Presses
Upright Rows

Lateral Raises
Tricep Push Ups

Ventral Raises
Push up Planks

Cool down and stretch

Eating properly and having a low body fat percentage is a huge part of getting into great shape and being able to see all of the muscle tone you’ve trained to build. Read more about how to lose extra body weight.