Pregnancy Workouts - What Workouts Should You Do When You're Pregnant?


Pregnancy Workouts - What Workouts Should You Do When You're Pregnant?

We've been getting a lot of requests for pregnancy workouts, but the truth is that each person's ideal or appropriate "pregnancy workout" is going to be different - Almost literally any of our hundreds of workout videos might work, depending on an individual's limitations, fitness level, health conditions, and pregnancy experience.

The best thing that you can possibly do is to talk to your doctor about what kinds of workouts might still work for you throughout the length of your pregnancy, and then use that criteria, and our search tools, to find routines that are going to help you exercise safely. Exercise can be very beneficial for both mom and baby, just make sure that you are cautious and seek out that relevant medical advice.

The quick and simple answer is that you absolutely have to talk to your doctor. Everyone is going to be advising you differently - "oh yeah, I did yoga all through my pregnancy" or "I ran 5 miles a day in my second trimester" - You're going to hear it all, but in the end you are only going to get safe, accurate, relevant answers from your own personal medical doctor who has your specific health information.

With that said, here are a few different pointers if you want to keep up a workout program while you're pregnant.

- Don't attempt to lose weight while you're pregnant - your baby's health comes first, and a weight loss oriented diet and exercise plan are not ideal while you're pregnant.

- Realize that both the time and the duration of your workouts are going to need to be modified as you progress through your pregnancy.

- Drink lots of water to help avoid dehydration and consider eating a light snack just before your workout.

- Make sure to do very thorough warm up and cool downs - take longer for both than you normally would.

- Avoid overly high impact exercises, uneven surface or situations or games where you might have a chance of falling, ballistic style stretches, lying on your back for longer than 5 minutes, or movements that put your joints in compromising positions.

In summary, the best thing that you can possibly do in terms of finding out what kinds of workouts are safe for you during your pregnancy, you're going to need to talk to your doctor - and listen to your body.

Take care of yourself and keep the focus on eating well and exercising properly for both your and your baby's best health.